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Preparing resin before painting

Painting a white metal figure and a resin one has no big differences. However, they are some differences in their previous preparantion.


piezas de resina

The most evident difference is the spare resin. This surplus is essential in order to produce a resin figure and even if much of that remaining resin was removed in the factory , the rest will have to be removed at home.


Instrumentos de trabajo

In order to remove the spare resin you just need a sharp stylus, a candle or a burner, a working board and a sander.


You will use the flame to warm the blade of the stylus, and therefore the hot metal will cut the resin easily, removing the remaining resin from the figure.

calentar el estilete cortar la resina

Then you will have to file and sand down the mould lines as usual.

lijar y pulir

Once the figure is ready, you will add the final touch with putty if there is some little bubble.
If you want to instale a bout to secure the figure to the base, do it now.

The figure is ready now. You will wash it with soapy water and once dry you will be able to paint it.

Big sized pieces
piezas grandes

When you have a piece of considerable size, such these of vehicles or stages, it is advisable to use a different technique, which will be much more easy and simple. In this case, you will only need your stylus which will have its point slightly cut.

cortar punta estilete
Use it as usual, but with the cutting edge upside-down like if it were a burn.
separa bebederos grandes

You will make a groove with this improvised tool on the cutting line of the piece several times. Then the piece will be removed form the spare resin.
Finally, you will only have to clean and prepare the cutting surface and go on as usual.



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