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Using reins, bits and horseshoes

Etched brass make your work with these elements much more easy and they add also a touch of higher quality.
Bits are usually to thick in comparison to their scale. The brass of reins never remains totally straight. Horseshoes are also thick and their placing is not only tricky, but toughie.
Etched brass bits have the right dimensions. They do not get fold and do not break when manipulating. Etched brass reins are straight, flexible and are engraved with bucles and their holes…


Once the horse ready (see “Preparing resin before painting ”) you will make a hole on each of the sides of the horse´s mouth. You will place the bit there.

taladrar cabeza caballo
Look for two pins with a small hand. Cut then just leaving the head and a very small part of the pin. Then place them in the previously made holes
cortar alfiler

Take your rein (enclosed in your NIMIX figure) or one of the offered by NIMIX (ref.FT182) Cut it in two. Each extreme of the rein has its own bucle, so you will get both reins.

cortar rienda
Cut it in two. Each extreme of the rein has its own bucle, so you will get both reins.
cortar riendas
You will fix the rein by its inside and you will glue the portion previously introduced through the bit. If you do it well, the rein will remain firmly fixed on the bit but it will be able to move inside the hole of the bit.
Next you will introduce the pin on the upper hole of the bit and add cyanocrilate. The small head of the pit will simulate the inside bit which goes across the horse´s mouth and is visible in both sides
introducir alfiler

One of the horse painted, you will introduce the bolt in the hole which was previously done in the horse´s head and was also impregnagted with glue. By doing so the bit will fix to the horse perfectly and you will be able to manipulate the rein, paint and fix it to the horseman´s hands and never ever being worried about an eventual removal of your work

terminar caballo

Using a double rein

Double reins add a spectacular view to horsemen figures and they are indispensable sometimes.

doble rienda
You will proceed as it has been written before , but before placing the pin on the upper hole you will introduce the second rein as you do with the first one.
Then you will fix it the same. Finally you will introduce the bolt and follow as usual.


Most of the horses are sold without horseshoes. Actually, almost all of them used to be shoed. Etched brass horseshoes are a quick, simple and effective solution. They add a highly detailed final touch to your figure.
You will detach the horseshoes required with a stylus. Previously you will have to prepare the surface of the hoofs.
Put a little bit of cyanocrilate on a paper and then impregnate with it your stylus.
Secondly you will spear the horseshoe with the stylus. The horseshoe will get some cyanocrilate and it will be ready to be placed on the correspondent hoof.
This process is also valuable for all those tiny etched brass pieces, such as medals, stars, emblems…



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